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Saudi Exit & Re-entry Visa

Requirements for Saudi Work Visa

  1. Your original valid signed passport. It must have two blank visa pages facing each other and more than six months before expiry.
  2. Non-US citizens must provide a copy of their Alien Registration Card (A.R.C.) or original U.S. Visa and I-94.
  3. One completed and signed visa application form.
  4. One passport-style (2"x2") photograph taken within the last 6 months, on photo paper and with a plain white background.
  5. Proof of non-refundable, roundtrip airline tickets.
  6. A Cover Letter from US Company on letterhead (Original).
  7. An electronic invitation letter from a Saudi company.
  8. A diplomatic note from the applicant’s embassy in the U.S. identifying his/her title(for non-Americans).

Saudi Work Visa Fees

Consular Fees

  • Regular Processing: $292.50
  • Rush Processing: $382.50

Service Fees

  • Regular Processing
  • Rush Processing

Shipping Fees (Return of Passport / Visa)

  • FedEx 3rd Business Day - $15.00
  • FedEx Letter Next Business Day - $28.00
  • FedEx Letter Priority Overnight or Saturday Delivery - $45.00
  • FedEx Letter First Overnight Delivery 8:30 AM Delivery - $70.00

Visa Application Forms


Include a PRE-PAID RETURN label and envelope (from FedEx, UPS or USPS only) with the return address label filled out completely. A proper prepaid return envelop must include a “PRE-PAID” label. Return envelops showing only account numbers are no longer accepted as proof of pre-payment. Credit cards, checks, money orders or cash will not be accepted for return mailing. Any package without a proper pre-paid return envelope and label will be put on hold until a proper return envelope is received.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view, fill, and print

the applications and reports, the latest version of Adobe is recommended.

You may fill out and then print the Visa Application (pdf file, 251K)


Send your documents to :

Transit Express, LLC

757 3rd Ave., 20Th Floor

New York, NY 10017

Attn : Mohammed Mokhtar

Tel. : 212-376-5022

Email :